Your business needs to have a website. The nature of the site will of course depend on your business type and what would be a suitable objective of the site. It may be to simply have a web presence, to generate leads, make sales, provide information, etc..

Initially, we can discus your requirements and consider what would be appropriate to your needs. There is no comitment at this stage to go ahead with the full design process (and no charge).

The design of these pages is very basic. If you are looking for a more exciting look I can, of course, create one that suits your requirements. If you have design elements (logo, colour scheme etc.) you want included, or a complete design you want turned into a functioning website, I am happy to use these.

I aim to create a site that has high levels of usability and accessibility that is fully standards compliant and works with all currently used browsers.

Dynamic features like forms, password protected areas and a shopping basket/checkout can be included and may not cost extra.