Site Updating

Web sites need to be kept up to date to ensure the information provided is correct.
Frequent updates also give visitors a reason to return and help search-engine rankings.

Updates include:

  • changing existing text, images, prices, links etc.
  • adding new pages or sections
  • adding extra features and interactivity
  • adding a contact form

After providing the log-in details, just email any changes you want to your web pages and I will implement them , usually within 1 day. I currently charge just £12 per hour ( 20p per minute) with no minimum fee per update.

Cookie Policy

UK law now requires all UK based websites to inform visitors of any cookies used on the site with details of how to disable them or get permission to use them. If you are not sure what cookies are used or how to comply with the law, I can help with this.

Site Maintenance and Testing

The internet is constantly changing and your website should too. These changes can cause a site to perform badly or fail completely unless it is frequently checked and maintained. If the site was created by someone without specialist skills it may seem to be working but have fundamental flaws which exclude many visitors. There will be ways in which the site's performance can be improved from analysis of visitor traffic and search engine rankings.

I can provide a testing and maintenance programme for your site, on either a one-time or monthly basis, to include any of the following:

  • check links in and out
  • check spelling
  • test forms, shopping carts, email addresses
  • optimise image size and type
  • clean up and validate code
  • generally speed up the site
  • back-up site
  • test browser compatibility
  • check accessibility - conform with Disability Discrimination Act 2004
  • suggest keywords, integrate them into text
  • modify Meta data tags
  • add site map, robots.txt file
  • find and fix bugs and errors in code
  • check usability
  • check site security
  • provide website statistics
  • analyse site statistics and suggest changes to site
  • basic search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • checking cookie use and amending cookie policy

I can perform a basic test of key areas for £8. Other work is charged at £12 per hour. I suggest 1 hour per month is needed for most small web sites although more time on SEO may have a good ROI..